Talent & Education

We have an educated and diverse workforce to meet your company’s current and future needs.

Workforce and Talent

McHenry County excels in exceeding expectations. Over the past few decades, we’re growing and prospering at an alarming rate. For businesses, this means that Mchenry County’s hassle-free, collaborative approach to doing business makes it easy for you and your employees to locate operations here.

Want to dive into the data yourself to see how McHenry County will maximize the value of your business? Whether it’s workforce, labor costs, labor availability, cost of living, or general demographic info, we’ve got it all. Check it out and let us show how McHenry County is the right place for your business.

McHenry County’s best asset is undoubtedly its workforce, which is not just available; it is productive. With more than 165,000 workers and many students attending area colleges and universities, the region can fulfill the needs of your company. While our workers are ready for the challenges of today, our significant education and training infrastructure ensures our workforce will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


About McHenry County

McHenry County is rich in resources for both business and residents. Close to world-class metropolitan areas, transportation, education, entertainment, and recreational activities, there is something for everyone.

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