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Agriculture today can be understood as an enterprise to provide subsistence for those doing the work, staples for the community in which the food is grown and income from the sale of commodities to an external market.

McHenry County Agriculture

For most of its existence, McHenry County had been an agricultural community. However, 0ver the past 30 years, the county has developed substantially, yet agriculture continues to play an integral part in the local economy. As of 2020, there are 911 farms in McHenry County, Comprising of 234,211 acres. This is approximately 60% of the county’s total area, and equates to an average farm size of 257 acres.  Approximately 2,300 residents remain employed in the agricultural sector.

The market value of the crops sold in 2019 that were grown McHenry County amounted to $182,433,000. McHenry County also ranks 1st in Illinois for value of Christmas Trees cut, 1st in the state for value of aquaculture, 5th in the state for acres planted to forages, and 7th in the state for values of sales of milk.

Whether it’s the population or the crops, McHenry County is growing.

Top Companies in McHenry County

10,154+ Businesses

Employing over 122,505 People

65 Trains Daily

Carrying 39,600 Commuters Each Way

Top 5 Ranking

of Healthiest Counties in Illinois